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It all started with Bess- Tasmanian Animal Supplies was born!!!

24 Jul 2018 By admin


From day 1 Ryan & Jenni Tate from Tate animals in N.S.W were there for me it was always going to be a challenge being so far away from each other but somehow we made it work. I look back and having grown up and worked on farms in my early years of employment certainly put me in good stead of my love of animals. I can’t think of a day I didn’t have one of my working dogs beside me whether it on the tractor in hay season or on the back of my bike going to get the cows for milking. I was lucky enough to work with the detection dogs in the armed forces but all of this experience was greatbut teaching a assistance dog was a whole new level and I cant thank Ryan and Jenni Tate enough for what they did for me. I first got into contact with Ryan & Jenni after seeing Ryan on a program that ran on abc television . That night I sent a email to them and from that day forward Ryan & Jenni were nothing short of fantastic to me and bess I would recommend that anyone that reqquiries specialised training to contact Ryan & Jenni Tate via there website first as Ryan is extremely busy

I knew with my condition I needed someone that loved dogs as much as I did so I needed someone I could trust as I was handing over my Beloved bess to exercise and socialise Bess. Whilst doing my market research I was recommended to a dog walker as it was critical for Bess be socialised to the world every sight smell sound as a assistance dogs job is a big one this is where Bess was exposed to all elements she would require this to be a service dog I was recommended to Ymogen Morton-Polden & Ymogen hit it off with Bess straight away!!.

Ymogen came with such love for animals and the instant bond Ymogen and Bess & Ymogen connected was very satisfying for me. After just 3 weeks Ymogen and myself formed a very strong close friendship and I believe the friendship started by having conversations of growing up on a farm it is a way you connect with people.

As we were in the forefront of all the encounters we had come across collectively decided to start up a ecommerce website business based in Launceston Tasmania.

Bess was sponsored by Blackhawk pet foods early on and in Tasmania having to struggle to obtain Blackhawk pet foods was such a challenge. This is where are love for animals are and together Blackhawk Pet Foods & Tasmanian Animal Supplies was formed covering state-wide with the ease of not even leaving the couch to place a order

Tasmanian Animal Supplies was born!!.

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